Patient Passport Express

patient kiosk
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This modern and brilliantly engineered unit provides a patient check-in experience that is ideal for patients who stand over six feet tall or are in a wheel chair. With a 40” range of vertical motion and private audio capability, this patient check-in kiosk redefines the industry and exceeds ADA guidelines. The new adjustable Patient Passport Express™ demonstrates streamlined aesthetics in healthcare kiosk design. Incorporating a sophisticated mix of materials and surfaces, the kiosk provides a plethora of choices of customized textures and colors, allowing the enclosure to be integrated into any facility’s existing décor and branding.

Most importantly, the PPE healthcare kiosk is purpose built to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities. It has been engineered and designed for use in hospitals and clinics and after more than two years of development, testing and field piloting has been deployed nationwide
by some of the most prominent, technologically advanced healthcare facilities in the country.

Equipment Options

  • 19” Touchscreen
  • Lenticular Privacy Filter
  • Signature Capture Pad
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • EMV Card Reader
  • 8.5” Thermal Printer
  • Palm Vein Scanner
  • Duplex Image Scanner
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Webcam

 Branding Options

The Patient Passport Express™ branding options include:

  • Wood Veneers
  • Stone, Marble or Granite Finish Laminates
  • Stainless, Anodized Aluminum and Verdigris Metal Finish
  • “Your Provided Material” (Wall paper, wood laminate or other materials
    allow for exact custom matching to existing finishes, resulting in one-of-a- kind choices).
  • Above screen logo/text
  • Large front panel logo/text
  • Process printed front panel graphic
  • Dove Grey, or Black Powdercoat Colors